Alexi von Guggenberg: Producer, Songwriter and Audio Engineer                          

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Ellen Johnson: Business Manager 



LXE Productions is a successful music studio located in Burke, VA with national and international clients. Producer and Songwriter, Alexi von Guggenberg started LXE Productions after he graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011. Alexi specializes in Pop, Rap, R&B, Dance, CCM and Country music (although not limited to those). LXE Productions is the go-to place for musicians and songwriters looking for a radio ready sound. LXE Productions produces custom commercial and video music for business’ as well!

Alexi takes on clients who bring with them nothing but their passion for music. He also takes on clients that just need help with the post-production of their song such as mixing or mastering. Alexi also accommodates anyone in between!

Not only does Alexi run his own music studio, he is a signed Producer and Songwriter with Big Yellow Dog Music working with major producers and songwriters all over the world. Alexi recently wrote a custom music piece for a previous presidential candidate. He has also written custom music for  radio stations, commercials and business needs. Alexi’s fast turnaround and ability to creatively interpret what is asked of him keeps music industry professionals consistently coming back for Alexi’s services.

A major advantage to using LXE Productions over other studios is that Alexi is a trained vocalist, pianist and drummer. For clients who do not want to hire demo musicians, Alexi can step in and do the job! Alexi is actively involved in the whole process his clients undergo with him – be it recording, songwriting, etc. He does not take lightly attaching his name to projects. Alexi strives to make songs the best they can be. Any client songs that are co-written by Alexi are heard by his publisher, Big Yellow Dog Music for the opportunity to be pitched to major commercials and film/TV spots.

Alexi is thoroughly connected in the music industry. Many of his own songs and his clients’ songs have been placed in Film (Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story) and TV shows (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s Law & Order SVU, MTV’s I Used To Be Fat, Ninas Mal, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Family Therapy, Lifetime’s The March Sisters At Christmas, BBC’s Click). Fox Sports has also used a few of Alexi’s trailer pieces for promo spots. Alexi makes sure that his clients are investing their hard earned money into music that has the potential to bring back nice dividends.

Still not convinced? Read reviews from past clients including major music companies and industry players under the “Reviews” tab. Alexi and Ellen would be glad to talk to you further  and steer you to the best option LXE Productions offers that works for you. What are you waiting for? Take the step to investing in your music career or business music today!




Official Trailer for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why


Payless licenses Alexi’s co-written song, “We Could Do Anything” for the 2016 Back To School Commercial

ABC licenses Alexi’s co-written song “Game of Survival” for Quantico promo

T-Mobile licenses Boom Boom & G.U.G.G.’s “Jump Up” for a National Commercial

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, VH1’s Family Therapy and Fox Sports licenses Alexi’s music in prominent placements


JUNE, 2015 ALEXI IS SIGNED TO BIG YELLOW DOG MUSIC (http://www.bigyellowdogmusic.com/songwriter/alexi-von-guggenberg)

Finalist in the Pop category of the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with “Alive”


Gold in the Gospel/Inspirational/Christian category for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with “The Answer”

Finalist in the R&B/Hip Hop/Urban category Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with co-written song (Lyssa Piquion) “Make Love To Me”


Grand Prize winner of Washington Area Music Association’s (WAMA) P.A.S.S. Competition with my song “For Better Or Worse”

Nominated for three Washington Area Music Awards or “Wammie Awards”

Semi-Finalist for the International Songwriting Competition with my songs “Mind Right” and “For Better Or Worse”

Silver in the R&B/Hip Hop/Urban category for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with “I Won’t Break It”

Honorable Mention in the R&B/Hip Hop/Urban category for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with my song “For Better Or Worse”


Finalist in the Rap/Urban/R&B category of the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with “Top of the Game”

Gold in the Rap/Urban/R&B category for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition (MASC) with my song “All Over Again”


Song “Rewind” placed 2nd in the Perfect Pitch Competition at Berklee College of Music

Received The Peter Gabriel Production Award from ELPD Department at Berklee College of Music

Finalist in the Hip-Hop/Rap category for the USA Songwriting Competition with my song “Top of the Game”